Eliminate lantana from your property

Lantana is considered a weed and is a restricted plant under the Biosecurity Act 2014. Due to its smothering and impenetrable nature, the plant is an annoying and often deadly plant amongst your garden. It grows from north Queensland to southern New South Wales.

If this invasive plant is taking over your farm, property or garden, please get in touch with Enviro Tree Services for our specialised removal solutions.

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How do you control lantana?

Enviro Tree Services helps remove and control lantana. There are a few different ways of reducing lantana’s survival rate including:

  • Fire—the fastest method of removing the weed but its effectiveness depends on
    temperature, humidity, soil moisture and the season
  • Mechanical—raking, ploughing and slashing tools are used to remove standing plants
  • Herbicide—used to terminate regrowth from stumps and increased germination in
    surrounding soil
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How do you recognise a lantana infestation?

Lantana is a heavily branched shrub that can grow as compact clumps, dense thickets and vines. Its stems have prickles with bright green leaves and flowers of yellow, white, pink, orange, red, lilac and purple. It’s growth smothers native vegetation and is impenetrable to animals, humans and most vehicles. Fruit-eating birds spread the weed quickly.