When to prune avocado, macadamia and pecan trees

Trimming avocado, macadamia and pecan trees is a delicate service. Enviro Tree Services recommends you avoid the DIY solution and have one of our expert tree cutters handle it for you. Should you incorrectly trim your trees, it may stunt growth.

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Avocado Trees

Taking extra care in maintaining of an avocado tree is vital for it to get the right nutrients and bear healthy fruit. It’s important to know that the less pruning of an avocado tree, the better. The fruit has a natural ability to regulate growth and water concentration—over-pruning may cause a loss in total fruit yield, sun damage and stunting.

Trimming in spring or early summer is recommended as exposing the branches too low temperatures is bad for its growth. Phone Enviro Tree Services during these seasons for a trimming service on your avocado trees.

Macadamia Trees

Trimming macadamia trees is a fine process and we recommend calling out a professional to do so to avoid harming its growth. These trees should be manicured to allow for light and air circulation. The best time is either when the tree has produced fruit or during the winter months.

Pecan Trees

Successfully pruning pecan trees depends on the season and climate conditions. Our expert tree trimmers recommend calling us out in winter while the plant is dormant. It’s best to trim right before new leaves begin to bud.

We can also trim anytime of the year to ensure rotten or diseased branches don’t infect the whole tree.