Remove an avocado, pecan or macadamia tree safely

Having avocado, pecan or macadamia trees is great for the abundance of fruit and nuts they produce. However, it often comes time to remove a tree due to a change in seasons, landscaping, overgrowth or disease. This is when you’d call Enviro Tree Services.

Tree lopping isn’t always the best way of maintaining the trees on your property. Entirely removing the tree may be the best course of action if it has major structural weakness and can inflict damage to its surrounds. There are a few factors to consider if you’re looking to remove trees and vegetation from your property. The size, condition and location of the tree are also considered.

Before removal, ask:

  • How close is it to a building or fence?
  • Is it causing damage to the soil or interfering with the local agriculture?
  • Is it a potential bush fire hazard?

Enviro Tree Services will complete any council application form on your behalf if required.

Are you looking for tree clearing for your property? Enviro Tree Services offers site and land clearance work thanks to our excavation and earthmoving fleet.

If you’re looking to remove an unwanted avocado, pecan or macadamia tree from your property, contact our experienced tree removalists today.

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